My name is Ayanna J. & I am from Harlem, New York.

I received my Bachelor's degree in May 2019 in English and African-American Studies and I am currently pursuing my Masters of Professional Studies in the specialization of Public Relations. 

I enjoy listening to music, writing and creating content.

Aside from the blog and podcast, I am a graphic designer at Ayanna J. Designs. 

I am still in my 20's and I am just figuring things out as I go, and this blog is a reflection of that. I want this blog and podcast to appeal to those who are, too, just living and going through the every day. I want to share my experiences in the hopes of helping someone else through their own. This is a platform dedicated to things I wish someone would have told me earlier on.


Alongside that, I am here to share playlists, travel tips, reviews, and more.

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Ayanna J