• Ayanna J.

A Weekend in Jamaica

My bestfriend's and I took a fun-filled weekend trip to Jamaica for their 24th birthday!


To travel to Jamaica you must have a negative PCR or Antigen/Rapid Covid test 3 days prior to your flight. The airport will check your results before allowing you to check-in. Also, obviously, be prepared to have your passport!

We planned our trip for the weekend of the 1st and returned that following Monday, the 3rd. We flew with American Airlines. I booked my flight and hotel separately, however they booked both through Expedia. I too booked my hotel through Expedia. We roughly spent about the same amount, $600 or so for flight and stay.

We stayed at the Riu Montego Bay - Adults Only Resort. It was all inclusive, which I loved! Food and drinks being included is always a plus. They had a steakhouse, an Italian restaurant, & a buffet. To be honest, the best food came from the buffet; they served Jamaican cuisine. My whole time in Jamaica y'all, not a single place served oxtail... can you believe that?! Anyways.


We didn't have much planned because the curfew in Jamaica had us nervous so we were prepared for a relaxing vacation, but we ended up having an amazing experience despite! The current curfew is 8pm weekdays, 4pm Saturday's, and 2pm Sunday's. Our resort held events in the nighttime until 12AM such as karaoke, cultural shows, and comedy and games with a live DJ so we still had a nightlife feel.


Let's Talk Excursions:

We booked 2 days worth of excursions with Dykeall Ellis Jamaica Tours ; We spent $325/pp for both days, this included transportation to and from the hotel as well.

For the Saturday (my besties actual birthday), we booked horseback riding on the beach and ATVs.

For the Sunday, we originally booked the rafting and a stop at an authentic Jamaican restaurant.

For our first night, we had nothing planned or booked, however, luckily some of our plans altered!

On our arrival at our hotel we were approached by a tour guide who told us about a party boat ride. This boat was priced at $65 and included snorkeling if interested, unlimited drinks, and docked on an island which you were able to jetski, purchase souvenirs, and order food and drinks. We didn't snorkel because none of us can swim haha. We also went jetski'ing, which was also $65. This was so much fun for me because my last jetski experience left me scarred, iykyk!

The Saturday we kept the plans the same. Horseback riding was so much fun! ATV's was kind of long though, but the view was gorgeous.

The Sunday however, we switched it up last minute. We woke up for 7am and went to the Bob Marley Experience, a tour of Bob's childhood home. This tour was priced at $25. Then afterwards we headed to the rafting for an enjoyable day, and made it back to our hotel by 3pm (a lil behind curfew but we moveee).


I would definitely go back, and for a longer amount of time. Despite my short visit, my trip was a legit 10/10.

To leave Jamaica, you must also take a Covid test prior to your return flight.Our hotel provided us with a free testing appointment for rapid tests.

Enjoy my Tiktok of The Bob Marley Tour!

Written by: Ms. Ayanna J

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