• Ayanna J.

Kelcy’s Slaycation

11 Girls. One Jordan Year. Countless Memories... & Don Julio Shots.

PSA: Be 4 hours early for international flights. You never ever ever know, ok? Kelcy this message is for you directly queen.

We all flew out to Cancun differently but met up in the airport for our transport to the AirBNB. While we waited, we dined at whatever restaurants were in the airport (after a four hour flight, you’d be starving). Along with this, we all bought bottles of Don Julio at the airport and it was shots time!

The drive was about an hour and change from Cancun to Tulum. The cab totaled at $130.

We stayed at the Meso Mayan II. This airbnb costs us about $150 a person, and it was beautiful! Pros were that it had 2 floors, washer and dryer, 3 bathrooms, fully furnished, wifi, a pool, indoor and outdoor dining areas, on call chef services and had a balcony. The cons were that it was a little out of the way (so we always needed to call a taxi to get around), and it is located in an area of much construction. The airbnb owner ensured us that we were staying in “beauty in the jungle”, and they were planning to build more in the same area.

Kelcy had created this amazing itinerary for us to follow but with a group so large, things definitely were subject to change.

The first night we played it cool, because we were all pretty tired from all the travel. We explored the bnb, some went for a swim, some had a photo shoot, and then we all gathered and ate and drank...and drank and drank.

Girl’s Day One Our first official day, we ordered breakfast to the airbnb and had a pretty lazy, relaxing morning before we prepared to go out for the day.

I wanted to get a pool day in before we went out, so I did just that & let me tell you... that water was brick.

We ordered our cab and we headed to our first spot of the day, Ahau Tulum. It was located on the strip. After we all got our photos in, we had lunch at Delek Tulum, which was on the same strip, and directly on the beach. I recommend the shrimp tacos... 10/10.

Afterwards, we went to NAO for hookah! (if you know me, you know I love a hookah). I do NOT recommend the watermelon flavor hookah.

The rest of the ladies had a fun drunk girls night but I fell asleep like a lameeeee (in my defense, I was not feeling well).

Girl’s Day Two This day, we headed to the Pablo Escobar Mansion. I loved it! The mansion is beautiful.

The entry is $60, and within that, the money is used as a voucher per party towards food and drinks around the property.

There were multiple restaurants within the area and there is even a hotel. We ate at Casa Malca. It was a 7.5/10 for me in terms of food but the service was 10/10.

Then, we originally planned to go to Coco Beach Tulum for a girls beach day, but the property had its own private pool and beach so we stayed.

In the evening, we went to Taboo Restaurant and Beach Club for the pre-birthday dinner. Atmosphere? 10/10. Hookah? 7/10... it was so quick! Food? I personally was not a fan of my food but preparation and display 10/10. I would recommend this restaurant, it was very entertaining.

Happy Kelcy Day!

Kelcy arranged for us to have a private breakfast at the airbnb!

Following that, we headed out for a fun filled day, starting at the Gran Cenote and ending at the Riviera Maya.

The Gran Cenote has a $10 entry fee and you have access to each cenote on the premises. You must use their shower before entering the water.

Yacht Baes.

We spent Kelcy’s birthday on a private yacht at the Riviera Maya. Per person, the yacht was $90 with unlimited drinks, three hour ride, bluetooth speakers and freshly made guacamole and chips.

Final Day This day, Abi and I left pretty early to catch our flight but some of the ladies headed to AZULIK Tulum.

All in all, this was such an amazing trip, fun, relaxing and memorable. #KelcyTakes23

Happy Birthday Again Kelcy!

Written by: Ms. Ayanna J

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