• Ayanna J.

Spring Break Miami '21

You ever just wake up and feel like "damn, I really need a vacation?" because same.

I hit the groupchat sometime in January and said pack your bags gang, we're going to Miami!


We planned our trip for the weekend of the 18th and returned that following Monday, the 22nd. I flew with American Airlines and for my roundtrip ticket, I spent $235, which isn't too shabby in my opinion.

We stayed at Hotel Shelley. Let me tell ya'll one thing, I give this hotel 3 stars. 3 is generous only because it was a two minute walk from the strip (it was around the corner), and we paid $1,070 roughly. It was old in style, had plumbing issues, room keys deactivated all the time, a receptionist was not present 24/7 like they stated, and all the amenities offered like happy hour, atm, water, etc. were located at their sister hotel across the street. The room was also pretty cramped and they claimed it was a queen size bed but it was really a full, and the difference was definitely noticeable. Really was not a fan of this hotel at all... so I do not recommend!


We had an entire itinerary planned, because this wasn't our first time visiting Miami so we wanted to explore whatever we missed last time.

We were so excited to go to the Versace Mansion tbh, but guess what? Miami issued a state of emergency and put a curfew of 9pm the day before our reservation :/, so they closed for the entire weekend and we unfortunately did not get to go. On top of that, this time around due to covid, all events on the strip were skimp, so we were traveling to all types of places like Opa-Locka, Fort Lauderdale and North Miami.

We literally shared a notes doc ^ and wrote whatever, so excuse how it may seem unorganized. We have realized regardless that life never goes according to plan, so we just wanted some ideas.


Let's talk eats...

I will never come to Miami and not eat at Fingalickin'. I always get the shrimp and wings with fries, however their mac and cheese is bomb as well. They provide liquor from their partner location next door... very strong! I got a strawberry henny. I also recommend their mystery drink (it is non-alcoholic), it's pretty and yummy!

We frequent a spot called Kantina which can be found right on the strip. Our last time going to Miami, they had 2 for 1 drinks but now its only 1. Nonetheless, their drinks are $25 and $35 and are about the size of BBQs drinks. Their food is a 7.5/10 in my opinion. They have a range of foods though such as pastas, wings, tacos/quesadillas, lobster, burgers and more.

We brunched at popular Miami attraction, Bacon Bitch. They do not take reservations however they do have a waiting list so I suggest putting your name down and getting yourself and your group ready because when they call, you have like 5 minutes to get there or else they cancel your spot. Their food was a 8.5/10! I got the chicken and waffles with a 'Drunk Bitch' to drink. Their drinks definitely hit. The staff calls you bitch after every sentence, fyi!

Then... on the drunk nights we got wings from a pizzeria located around the corner from our hotel. If I could remember the name I would put yall on because those wings???? 10/10. The pizza shop wasn't allowing customers inside, so we had to order pickup via Uber Eats, annoying, but worth it. Our hotel (and it's sister hotels) also partnered with Taco Taco, a taco spot not too far off the strip as well. Those tacos? 10/10. Hands down best tacos and elote I've ever had.


Overall Atmosphere of Miami was good vibes and good energy. Despite it being a panny, I had a blast! The strip was still just as active, there were fights, loud music, large gatherings (yikes) and everything you'd expect for a spring break experience. I saw plenty of familiar faces which I enjoyed. I wish we spent more time on the strip, but because of the pandemic we were mainly on go mode to catch reservations and avoid excessive wait times.

I got Covid tested as soon as I returned and tested negative, amen.

Until next time Miami!

Written by: Ms. Ayanna J

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